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If someone you know has been arrested by the Glendale PD and you are the one who has been called upon for help, then you need to act fast. A quick release should be your objective. Your first action should be to call us so we can meet you at the Glendale Police Department at 131 N Isabel St, Glendale, CA to expedite the jail release process. There you can pay the full bail amount if you have the full money in cash adn wish to do so. However most people do not so you should not be depressed, there are companies that can put up the money for you in the form of a bail bond and then also lend you a hand to go through the whole process – fast and easy.

Trust & Reliability

It is easy to find a bonding company in Glendale, CA. But you have to be careful of those who might take advantage of your present predicament. The usual service fee of a bondsman in California is ten percent of the full bail amount. If a company asks more than that, then look for another one. A reliable company is one that will also trust you to pay. There are companies that accept installment payments with no extra charge.

How our service helps you

Our services allows you to have someone freed from jail without the need for you to post the full bond amount. Typically, the bondsman will collect a percentage of the full bail amount from you, or they can loan you the money if you can’t produce it. Then they will assure the court that they the defendant will be present in every hearing scheduled.

Experience, knowledge & understanding

When searching for a Bondsman in Glendale, it is also important to find one with experience, knowledge and understanding of what you and your family are going through. It is also important to act fast and make sure that the company you hire also does the same. This is where our Glendale office can help you out.

Our company’s priority is to provide assistance to clients and to make sure that they fully understand the entire release procedure. You have to be informed and then advised on what to do best. It is also important that you get every copy of every document you are going to sign.

Post jail release requirements

You should be advised that it is your duty to ensure that once the defendant is released, he/she will not run away or skip their court dates. You have the responsibility to make sure he/she appears at the Glendale Courthouse (located at 600 E Broadway, Glendale, CA 91206), on the specified court date. Remember that it is our duty to the court to produce the defendant and it is your duty to the us to do the same. This means that the court will trust the our company; we will trust you and you will need to trust your friend or relative not to flee.

Fast and easy releases is our goal

For the fastest processing of bail bonds Glendale California, you should not hesitate to get in touch with our local agency at 818-296-4050. Someone is surely going to answer you at any time of the day or night. We are available to answer your questions and if you decide to hire us for our bail service, you can be assured of a fast response and release of the defendant.

Local Resources

Glendale Police Department Website
Los Angeles Superior Court: Glendale Branch

We have a reputation of excellence

Our licensed agents have the experience and knowledge to save everyone time, headaches, and stress. Give us a call so we can show you how our service benefits you. For more information, contact a licensed representative. We are available 24 hours.

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